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Program ideas Montenegro

Program ideas Montenegro

Wine tasting & Lunch at Plantaze Wine Cellar Šipčanik

After sightseeing the vineyards and having a short stop at the view
point, you arrive in the cellar “Šipčanik”. In these rooms covering
c.7000 square meters, the wine has been held and tended in almost
perfect climatic and technological conditions.

The wine cellar Šipčanik is located in a reconstructed underground
Airplane hangar of the Yugoslav Army. In explosion, which occurred
inside the hangar following a NATO bomb attack in 1999,seventeen
aircrafts type Orel were burnt out.

One of the biggest producers of wine in the East Europe, Plantaže
from Podgorica in Montenegro, ordered the reconstruction of the
underground facility for the purposes of wine storage, tasting and